Where Can You Find Paintings of Jesus Christ?


As of 2015, the website Fine Art America has a wide variety of paintings and prints of Jesus Christ in different religious settings. AllPosters.com and the LDS Bookstore also sell various Christ-themed and religious prints.

The website Fine Art America sells paintings and prints of Jesus Christ made by a variety of different artists. Some example artists include Greg Olsen, Victor Gladkiy, Rembrandt and Carvaggio. Christ appears in a variety of themes, such as knocking at one's door, calming the storm, speaking to a child, walking on water and forgiving others. Prints are also available of Mary holding the baby Jesus and the crucifixion of Christ. Most prints start around $20 to $30, while original paintings on the site sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

At AllPosters.com, many different prints of Jesus Christ and other biblical figures are available. Popular prints include the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus and angels, the crucified Christ, Jesus washing Peter's feet, the Trinity and Christ teaching a rich young ruler. Prints are available from Heinrich Hofmann, William Adolphe Bouguereau, Diego Velázquez and Nikolai Nikolaevich. Most prints are between $20 and $60.

Paintings and portraits of Christ are also available at the LDS Bookstore. Most are available between $20 and $40, although some prints are available for less than $5. Some themes available include Fishers Of Men, A Son is Given, Abide With Me, and As I Have Loved You.