How Can You Paint Quilts on Barns?

How Can You Paint Quilts on Barns?

To paint a quilt pattern on a barn, choose a quilt pattern, draw the quilt pattern on a board, mark each section with the corresponding color, and paint the board. You can also hang the quilt pattern inside the home or give it as a gift.

Select a piece of square plywood of your desired size, and choose a simple quilt pattern. Paint the entire board a uniform color with a complementing color for the edges. The primer coat makes painting the rest of the colors easier.

Use a ruler and pencil to draw the desired quilt pattern on the plywood. Mark each section of the pattern with the corresponding color. A good way to do this is to paint a small dot inside each section with the desired color. Alternatively, mark small pieces of painter's tape with the corresponding color, and stick them inside each section. Make off each section with painter's tape.

Paint each section. Work on one same-color section at a time to make the process easier and to avoid cleaning the paint brush for each new section. Allow the paint to dry between colors. Use a dry brush to paint near the lines to avoid seeping. Allow the paint to dry completely before removing the painter's tape.

Make a provision for hanging the pattern, such as heavy-duty picture hangers or wire capable of supporting the weight of the plywood. Hang the completed barn quilt pattern on the desired area of the barn’s facade, taking care to avoid injury.