How Can You Paint a Landscape Like Bob Ross?

To paint a landscape like Bob Ross, use the wet-on-wet painting technique. This technique allows for maximum blending as new layers of paint are added to wet layers, which allows the colors to blend and creates the soft edges seen in Bob Ross' paintings.

To paint a landscape like Bob Ross, first cover the entire canvas in a coat of liquid base. These base coats are available in white, black or clear and are very slick with a slow drying time. The base coat makes the wet-on-wet technique possible.

After coating the entire canvas with base, use large brushes to make the biggest portions of the painting. Blend the required colors on the palette, and use a thick brush and tapping motion to create trees and water.

Create mountains by using shades of brown or grey and large sweeping motions with a large flat brush. Use a flat brush and make downward motions on a slight angle to create the look of pine trees. Use a small flat brush and dark browns to create the branches and trunks of the trees.

Create shadows on the mountains by using a large brush coated in a color slightly darker than the mountain’s color and applying with quick, light downward strokes. Trees should be highlighted with lighter shades of green to make it appear as though the sun is shining on them. Highlight water in the same way by adding lighter shades and then blending to create the effect of sunshine on the water.

Highlights and shadows add definition and perspective to the painting and should be added carefully and slowly. If mistakes occur, correct them by blending the surrounding area and reapplying paint to create the desired effect.