How Can You Do Your Own Fancy Lettering?


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To create your own fancy lettering, first choose a pen tip by testing out different words or letters using multiple widths or styles. Once you find a tip you like, decide if the lettering is cursive and connected, or print and disconnected. Begin writing out a lowercase alphabet in pencil on a lined paper until you find a style that looks like what you envision.

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Letters like "e," "a," "f," "g" and "o" are easily varied to create a unique look. Make the curve of certain letters nearly identical. Find a unique way to write the letter "h" on which to base letters such as "t," "b," "k" and "l" to create a signature look. Connected letters are typically more fancy than print letters, so test out some words in the lowercase using the style you created to determine how fancy the uppercase letters appear. More curves and curls in the lowercase letters usually mean more flourishes in the uppercase.

Begin writing out the uppercase letters using a pencil and lined paper. Start with the letter "C" to determine the curves or curlicues for letters such as "A," "G," "E" and "O." Next, write the letter "L" to create a line for letters such as "I," "D," "F," "H" and "P." Using the pen tip you chose, write out the full alphabet, both upper and lowercase, preferably on two parallel horizontal lines. Alternately, write the uppercase letter first, followed by the lowercase letter for the entire alphabet for use as a reference when writing original text using your unique font.

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