Where Can One Find Rare Vinyl Records on Sale?


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Rare vinyl records can be found on sale at independent music stores such as Amoeba Music in California or at online record stores such as Forever Vinyl. Flea markets and record fairs are also great places to find rare vinyl records

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Most chain music stores no longer carry vinyl records at all, and the ones that do only sell newly pressed records. Independent music stores frequently buy back used records, and thus have a wide collection of rare vinyl records. For example, Amoeba Music has three locations throughout California, in Berkeley, San Francisco and Hollywood, that sell used vinyl records. In these circumstances, the rarest records are usually held at the counter or in a special display to protect them from damage or theft.

Online retailers, such as Forever Vinyl, often have a more comprehensive and expansive collection of rare vinyl records for sale. These stores typically maintain their own warehouses of inventory in addition to partnerships with numerous small stores and dealers. Forever Vinyl in particular has been developing its network since 1996 with the intent of connecting as many collectors with as many vendors as possible in a seamless and affordable fashion.

Information about record shows and fairs can be found on the Record Shows of America website.

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