Where Can You Find Obituaries?


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If you are looking for an obituary for someone who has died recently and locally, you can check your local newspaper's obituary section. If you want to search by name for someone's obituary, there are several websites that you can use, such as Legacy.com, Genealogy.com and Obituaries.com.

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Where Can You Find Obituaries?
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You can conduct your search by entering a first and last name, a location, the year of death, or a combination of these. There may be several people who have the same name or have died in the same location. When this happens, you may not have very specific results, and you might have to search through these results to find the correct obituary.

The specificity of your results also depends on how much information you enter. However, once you find the correct person, you can click on the name to view the obituary. It might also display a photo of the person, if a photo accompanied the original obituary. If you cannot find the correct obituary with one of these websites, there are other websites that allow you to search for obituaries. For a small fee, websites such Ancestry.com can collect information about your family history for you, which sometimes includes obituaries.

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