How Can You Find the Net Worth of Top Celebrities for a Particular Year?


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To find the net worth of top celebrities, chose a name from Forbes' annual list of the most powerful celebrities on Forbes.com, then type that name into the search box on CelebrityNetWorth.com. After submitting the name of a celebrity in the search box, a list of articles appears. Click on the article that says "net worth" after the celebrity's name.

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Celebrity Net Worth calculates the net worth of celebrities, actors, businessmen, politicians, musicians and athletes. A team of writers and financial analysts determines their net worth using publicly available information, such as salaries, royalties, and real estate information, and then uses a formula that deducts expenses. Each article discusses the total net worth of the requested celebrity, including their annual salary, details about their profession and a short biography.

For example, to find Kim Kardashian's net worth, type Kim Kardashian into the search box, and click on the net-worth article. According to the website, Kim Kardashian's net worth is $85 million, and she makes between $25 and $30 million a year as an entrepreneur, model, actor, fashion designer and TV personality. Searching Beyonce Knowles shows approximate earnings of $115 million over the course of a year and a net worth of $450 million, as of 2015.

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