Where Can You Find What Movies Are Playing at Local Theaters?

Find movies playing at local theaters by using sites such as Fandango, Moviefone and Flixster. These sites allow users to look up local movie show times and get other information on current releases.

Fandango offers information on local movie show times at theaters across the United States. From the site’s main page, users can enter a ZIP code, city or movie title to find local show times. Users can also select from listings of recently released movies. Clicking on a specific film calls up a listing that includes show times at different theaters, as well as trailers, user reviews, cast information and a plot synopsis.

Moviefone functions similarly to Fandango, allowing users to search for local listings or browse by movie title. The main page of the site offers listings for new and upcoming releases, allowing users to quickly find show times, view trailers and purchase tickets. The site’s search function allows users to find listings for local theaters or specific films.

Flixster is another popular movie site offering local show times. In addition to trailers, ticket purchases and other basic information, the site links movie listings to their review pages on Rotten Tomatoes. Browsing listings from the site’s main page, users can easily see the overall ratings for new and upcoming films.