Where Can You Find Movie Times for the Cinema in Aurora, Illinois?

can-movie-times-cinema-aurora-illinois Credit: PhotoAlto/Odilon Dimier/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Sites like Movies, Movie Tickets and Fandango let their users search for movie times by area code, by town and by region and also allow users to buy tickets online. These sites generate lists of theaters and showtimes based on the search parameters entered, allowing users to find out what theaters are nearest to them and which of those are playing the movies they want to see.

Fandango is an online ticketing site with an internal search engine that locates theaters by ZIP code, by name and by city or town. Lists of theaters are equipped with menus of showtimes that users can click through to purchase tickets.

Movies runs a similar search and utility service, but it is also a hub for film news, reviews and other cinema information. The site provides its users with a large number of updates on upcoming releases and on the productions underway at various studios, allowing them to plan their theater trips ahead of time in addition to providing ticketing opportunities.

Movie Tickets allows users to search for special film showing formats such as visually impaired screenings, subtitled screenings, low volume screenings and other variations. It also allows users to search by whether or not they want to see a film in 3-D.