How Can You Find a Movie Without Knowing the Title?

How Can You Find a Movie Without Knowing the Title?

Use plot keywords and film details to find the movie name on site such as and Use the movie name game Filmilion to find it by answering 30 questions.

IMDB offers a few solutions for finding movie titles. If you know the name of the actors, director or producers, start by searching those pages on IMDB. Click the film's main actor page and start strolling through his film history. Choose titles that might match the unknown movie. Click these films' IMDB pages to read plot descriptions.

You can enter plot keywords on IMDB's advanced search page to receive a list of possible movie titles. As of 2015, IMDB has a message board page called "I Need to Know," which lets users enter movie details so other users on it can suggest the film's name.

Instant Movie Name lists and narrows a film search based on user-generated keywords. The more keywords entered, the shorter the list becomes until only one option remains.

The Filmilion designers mainly created Filmilion as a movie naming game. However, the site offers some useful strategies to narrow down film options. If you are trying to find the name of a blockbuster or popular film, Filmilion often guesses the correct film title.