How Can You Manage Your Subscription for Redbook Magazine?

How Can You Manage Your Subscription for Redbook Magazine?

Redbook offers its customers a portal where they can manage their Redbook subscriptions. On this page, Redbook subscribers may check their account status, renew subscriptions and pay the subscription bill.

The Redbook subscription page also offers its customers the ability to change subscription addresses, update email addresses, report missing or damaged issues, or find out when the subscription starts and ends. On this page, customers may also request scent-free issues, magazines without perfume sample pages, or cancel the subscription.

In addition to its subscription services, the Redbook customer service page also offers subscribers links to frequently asked questions and the ability to contact the editor.

As of May 2015, Redbook offers subscriptions for either one or two years. It also offers subscribers a discounted price for the magazine compared to the stand price. Also, a two-year subscription has a greater discount than the year subscription.

Redbook is a women's magazine published by Hearst Corporation. First published in 1903, Redbook initially featured short fiction by popular writers of the day and covered famous women of the era. Although the magazine is known for its female audience, Redbook did have several eras in which it targeted both men and women, specifically while writer Edwin Balmer was the magazine's editor in the late 1920s and later with Wade Hampton Nichols as editor in the late 1940s and early 1950s.