How Can You Make Yourself Into a Cartoon Character?

How Can You Make Yourself Into a Cartoon Character?

Several websites allow users to turn themselves into cartoon characters. They include BeFunky, Cartoonize, WeeWorld, and Face Your Manga. Some sites can turn pictures into South Park or Mii characters.

Besides turning a photo into a cartoon character, BeFunky allows users to apply photo effects or enhance and edit photos in other ways. Effects include filters such as oil painting, ink and black and white. BeFunky also has tutorials to help users get the most of their photos.

Cartoonize is a free website that turns photos into cartoon characters with one click. Users can upload photos from their hard drive or from another website and quickly turn them into cartoon characters. The company that runs the website also has a software version of Cartoonize available for sale.

On WeeWorld, users can build a cartoon character called a WeeMee. Choose clothing and accessories to make a complete image. turns any image into a cartoon image. It's easy to morph faces or turn a comic face into a cartoon. This site is also free to use.

Face Your Manga allows users to create cartoon avatars for sites like Facebook, but users must purchase the finished image. Once purchased, images can be uploaded to various sites or printed for personal use.