How Can I Make Paper Briquettes?

How Can I Make Paper Briquettes?

Make paper briquettes by combining shredded paper and water and pressing it into briquettes. The timing on this project varies depending on whether you have a paper shredder or if you are doing it by hand. You need paper, water, a tub, scissors or a paper shredder and a briquette press.

  1. Shred the paper

    Shred used paper or newspaper into strips. Use scissors or a paper shredder. Shredding paper by hand is more time intensive, but requires no specialized equipment. If you are using a pair of scissors, make sure to cut the strips thin and small.

  2. Combine the paper with water

    Place the shredded paper in a tub. Add enough water to soak the newspaper. Do not add too much water; if the paper is too soaked, you must wait for it to dry a bit before continuing.

  3. Form briquettes

    Once the water and paper forms a paste-like substance, place it in a briquette press. This crushes the materials together and provides the pressure necessary to form the compact briquettes.

  4. Dry out the briquettes

    Place the briquettes in a warm, dry area where they can dry thoroughly. Store them in an airtight or dry place. One briquette generally produces about an hour of energy.