How Can You Make Your Own Marvel Hero?

How Can You Make Your Own Marvel Hero? hosts a game called "Create Your Own Superhero" that allows you to design a custom superhero. Model the superhero after yourself, or create a character with completely original attributes.

Start by first choosing the superhero's body type and gender. Under Prototype Data, type in a creative name for the superhero. Choose from the categories on the left side of the screen to design the superhero. Select skin types and pick whether the superhero is muscular, has scales, or has smooth skin. Use the color picker below the skin types to choose the color of the hero's skin. After selecting a color, hover over an attribute of the superhero with the marker tool, and click to color in that given attribute. To erase a color, hover over the same attribute until it is highlighted with the pencil tool. After selecting a skin type, customize facial features, hair, masks and headgear. As with skin color, use the color picker to choose the color for each attribute. Then select the superhero's clothing beginning with the torso and followed by the legs and feet. For the finishing details, add accessories such as a sword, a tail, glasses or a belt. Finally, select a background, save, and share your Marvel Superhero.