How Can You Make Your Own Hogwarts Letter of Acceptance?


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To make a Hogwarts acceptance letter, start by choosing a suitable font and then write the letter, using "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" as a reference for wording. Next, print and deliver the letter.

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Hogwarts acceptance letters may be made at home using basic computer word programs. First, find a Harry Potter font and a picture of the Hogwarts crest. Both of these things may be found online by doing a basic search. The next step is to write the letter. Using a copy of the first "Harry Potter" book or finding a copy of the text online may help with this process.

Since the letter that came to Harry was written with emerald green ink, choosing a deep green color for the font helps make it more authentic looking. Remember to replace Harry Potter's address with the address of whoever is going to receive the acceptance letter. Using a description such as "messy room" instead of "cupboard under the stairs" adds another element of authenticity.

Also, McGonagall is now the Hogwarts headmistress, so replace "Deputy Headmistress" with "Headmistress" in the signature. Now the letter may be printed. It is also a good idea to print the Hogwarts crest on the outside of the envelope that is going to be used. Be sure to use good penmanship when writing on the envelope. Remember to add a Hogwarts return address. The last step is to deliver the letter.

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