How Can I Make Kleenex Tissue Flowers?

How Can I Make Kleenex Tissue Flowers?

To make tissue flowers, you will need tissues, bobby pins, markers, floral tape and fake flower stems or pipe cleaners. This is a quick project that children 7 years and up can do independently.

  1. Stack and fold tissues

    First, unfold two to four tissues and stack them on top of each other. Fold the stack accordion style, and put a bobby pin in the center to keep the folds together.

  2. Color the ends

    Carefully tear off the short ends of the tissue stack. Tear off as much material as you want to create the desired size flower. Use markers to color the rough ends of the tissue.

  3. Fluff the flower

    Gently pull apart each layer of tissue, from the ends of the stack to the bobby pin in the center. Pull apart all of the layers on one side. Repeat the process on other side. Fluff the layers to create the desired shape.

  4. Finish with stems

    If you want to make a bouquet of flowers, find material for the stems. You can use pipe cleaners or the stems from artificial flowers. Use the floral tape to join the bobby pin to the stem. Wrap until it is secure. If you do not want stems on your flowers, use the bobby pins to attach them to hair, clothing or fabric.