How Can I Make an Image of Puckered Lips?


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Drawing puckered lips is as simple as drawing four tear drops, two connecting by the point on each side of the mouth. This leaves a very luscious look and a diamond shape in the middle to add some appeal to the drawing. After getting the basic outline of the lips, be sure to add some texture lines radiating from the center diamond to give a more realistic look.

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To make the tear drop outline line up better, start with a base line in a slight frown to add more dimension and volume to the lips and overall drawing. For the most part, this center line remains in the picture as the divider between the upper and lower lip, with only the small part in the center diamond being erased or simply shaded over. An additional way to draw puckered lips is to draw a wide "U" for the bottom lip and two tear drops for the top lip. As before, the points of the tear drops connect to the corners of the bottom lip. This results in a slightly less puckered set of lips, but this is typically the more popular style of puckered lips used with American cartoons. Again, do not forget to add texture wrinkle lines to the lips from the center of the mouth.

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