Where Can You Look up the Prices for Concessions at Regal Movie Theaters?

Concession prices vary depending on the location of the theater, so to get local pricing movie-goers should call their local Regal Cinema directly. Regal also does not list any of its movie concession prices online, however, the company's official website does offer a variety of promotions and coupons. As of April 2015, for example, all candy items cost $2.50 when customers purchase a featured combo at the same time.

Regal movie theaters also offer a discount for AARP members. When members purchase a drink with popcorn, they receive $3.00 off their concession order.

The markups for movie concessions are extreme, according to Yahoo! Movies. The site's 2014 survey of movie theaters in several cities revealed the average price of popcorn to be $8.15 for a refillable large container, for example.