How Can You Locate Your Local Time Warner Channel List?

How Can You Locate Your Local Time Warner Channel List?

The Time Warner website contains a "Channel Lineup Finder" section where you can find your local channel list by entering your ZIP code in the search box.

The "Channel Lineup Finder" option can be accessed from the Time Warner website. From the main page, hover your mouse over any of the options in the grey navigation bar at the top of the screen (except the "My Account" option). Click on the option for "Find Channels" from the options that appear.

The site will attempt to guess your location based on your IP address; however, you can enter a ZIP code if it is unable to do so. Once you have entered your ZIP code and clicked "Submit," a channel guide will come up.

From here, there are many options. You can filter the channel lineup alphabetically, by genre, or based on your subscription package. Click on the "light bulb" under the subscription package name to highlight that column.

A search box is provided in the upper right-hand corner of the screen so you can search for a particular channel by name or channel number. Simply type in the channel name or number and click the "Submit" button.

You can also download a PDF of the complete channel lineup.