How can you find local weekend events?


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Find local weekend events online through the local newspaper, news stations, visitor's bureau and blogs, all of which often post community event calendars. Event websites such as Eventbrite and Eventful allow visitors to search for events in cities across the country.

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Visit the local newspaper's website to find the entertainment section for listings of local events. Newspapers often post articles about upcoming events in addition to reviews of events that have already happened. Many also offer calendars with search functions for upcoming events. News station websites typically offer similar features.

Another resource is your local visitor's bureau, which probably maintains a calendar of events. These calendars often allow users to search by date or type of event. Use the search features to filter the activities to only include those on the weekend. If you're looking for a particular type of event, use the search function to filter the results further.

The popularity of personal blogs works to your advantage when searching for local events. Check on blogs that post about the local community, attractions and activities and which often feature upcoming events in the community. They may also post a roundup of upcoming events every week just before the weekend.

National event sites typically include search boxes for a specific location. They feature categories of the types of events listed.

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