How Can You Find Local Radio Stations?

How Can You Find Local Radio Stations?

There are several options to find local radio stations including Radio Locator, TuneIn and These services are all free and allow users to search by entering the area in which they are searching for stations.

Each website has a different search feature and requirements to use it. The steps for using Radio Locator are listed below.

  1. Enter search radius on Radio Locator
  2. Choose to search by city, ZIP code, call letters, format or country. Enter or choose the correct information for the search parameters.

  3. Use the search results
  4. Once the results are returned, choose from the list provided to visit either the website or to find the frequency to tune in on the listening device of the user's choice.

TuneIn works a little different from Radio Locator because the only stations available are those that have an agreement with the website to broadcast with them. To use TuneIn, enter the city and state or the ZIP code in the search feature. Choose the station from the results provided and listen on the TuneIn website. The TuneIn website also offers an application. Download the app on a phone or tablet using the application store available on the device. To save station choices, create a log in for the app and website.

To use, choose a state from the list provided. Pick the station to listen to and listen to it live on the website. The stations on are limited and do not cover all 50 states, although the service is free.