Where Can I Listen to Songs Online?

Listen to songs online using streaming services such as Google Play Music, Spotify and Pandora. These free services offer access to extensive libraries of music, with many popular songs available.

Google Play Music launched in 2011 as a cloud-based music streaming service intended to allow users to access their personal music collections online. Since then, the service has widened its reach, adding YouTube compatibility and a collection of over 30 million songs available for free. The service also offers a scan-and-match feature that allows users to scan their music libraries and replace low-quality MP3s with better versions from Google’s servers.

Spotify is one of the most versatile music streaming services, offering a collection with millions of songs for no charge. The site constantly updates its selection, featuring one of the most robust music collections online. Using Spotify’s streamlined interface, users can browse genres and artists, create custom playlists and discover new music. Free users on Spotify must listen to ads that play after every few songs, while paid members can listen ad-free.

Pandora is a unique streaming radio service that uses a complex music-matching algorithm to help users find new songs based on shared audio properties. Users simply select a song or artist, and Pandora generates a playlist of songs with similar sonic qualities. The service is ideal for users looking to discover new music.