Where Can You Listen to Music by Heeso Xul Ah?


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Many websites focused on Somali music offer Heeso Xul Ah audio clips, playlists and videos. These include streaming websites such as Solamusic.net, MarkaStars.com and Somalimusic.net.

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Heeso Xul Ah is a type of music from Somalia, a country with a musical heritage centered on traditional folklore. Solamusic.net, MarkaStars.com and Somalimusic.net all feature a variety of genres of Somali music, with minor differences.

On Solamusic.net, it is possible to find the audio file for each song. By clicking on Heeso Xul Ah in the Categories section, the site provides a playlist of 219 songs that can be streamed with one click. The songs are presented in random order and must be clicked on one at a time to play. Aside from the audio files, the website does not provide any additional written information on Somali music or the Heeso Xul Ah genre.

MarkaStars.com features Somali news, music, videos, TV shows and analysis. The website does not offer audio files, only music videos for streaming. To find and listen to Heeso Xul Ah songs the search box should be used, for music videos are not divided by genres.

On Somalimusic.net there are both music videos and audio files. To reach a song, you must first choose a genre, and then an artist. On the home page there is also a section with the latest downloads and the most popular songs of the week. Like Solamusic.net, the website does not provide any additional written information.

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