Where Can You Listen to a Live Police Radio Scanner?


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The website Broadcastify allows users to listen to live audio from police broadcasts. The site also allows users to listen in on audio of aircraft, rail and marine related broadcasts.

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Where Can You Listen to a Live Police Radio Scanner?
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Other than using a streaming website, such as Broadcastify, police scanners can be listened to using a police scanner application for mobile phones, such as MyScanner. It is 100 percent legal to own and listen to a police scanner, as long as the scanner is not picking up encrypted and protected information or private cellular phone calls. Use the following steps to listen to a police scanner on Broadcastify:

  1. Go to the Broadcastify website
  2. There is a menu going across the top of the Broadcastify website. Click on the "Listen" tab, then click on the "Browse Feeds" link to look for feeds in a specific area, or click on the "Popular Feeds" link to listen to popular feeds around the United States.

  3. Click on the state of the desired broadcast
  4. Individuals should click on the state that they wish to listen to broadcasts from. Otherwise, they can enter a state, city or ZIP code on the bottom of the page to find nearby broadcasts.

  5. Click on "Search" or "Retrieve" to find local broadcasts
  6. Upon performing a search, users can listen in on public police scanner broadcasts.

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