Where Can You Listen to Jukebox Oldies?

Where Can You Listen to Jukebox Oldies?

Music websites such as Songza.com and Pandora.com have channels available that play music from the jukebox era. Websites such as BabyBoomerRadio.com are especially tailored to playing old-time music.

Songza and Pandora are available as both applications and websites. Both feature different channels that listeners can customize.

Songza.com presents listeners with curated song lists chosen by music experts. The site presents the playlists according to theme, such as "working out" or "summer break." It's also possible to specify song lists from different eras, such as jukebox oldies.

Pandora.com is based on the Music Genome Project, which matches elements within chosen songs or genres to other music. Listeners choose a music type, such as jukebox oldies, and the site plays songs with similar music profiles. Listeners can rate songs, with those that earn a negative sign not getting played again.

BabyBoomerRadio.com is a classic rock station that plays music only from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. It specializes in jukebox oldies. There's no charge or registration required.

1959BHSMustangs.com and ListenToOldMusic.com are also free Internet radio services that specialize in jukebox oldies. 1959BHSMustangs.com features numerous playlists related to decade, artist and genre. ListenToOldMusic.com specializes in different types of classic rock. The site also offers the option of listening to top songs from different years.