Where Can You Listen to Haitian Music Online?

Listen to Haitian music, news and entertainment radio online through sites such as SurfMusic.de, TuneIn.com and Streema.com, as of 2015. It is also possible to listen to various Haitian songs through streaming music services such as Pandora and apps such as Haitian Music Radio Stations for Android devices.

SurfMusic.de features online streams of live radio broadcasts from numerous countries around the world, including Haiti. The Haiti section of the site features a list of all current major radio stations from the country, along with the name of each station, the spectrum on which it broadcasts, its programming format and the city from which it broadcasts.

Streema.com also offers links to live streams from various Haitian radio stations with information about the type of music and other content that appears on the station. Listings on the site also include a count of the total number of streams each station receives.

The Android app Haitian Music Radio Now offers a similar selection of music and news radio stations, though the app features Internet radio stations rather than broadcast stations from the country. Streaming music services such as Pandora contain special playlists that collect various songs from Haitian artists and groups. Such sites also include features for sharing the songs on social media, creating custom stations based on the artists and reading biographies of the different groups.