Where Can You Find a List of Tyler Perry Movies?

Where Can You Find a List of Tyler Perry Movies?

A number of resources provide a list of Tyler Perry movies, including IMDb, Amazon.com and Fandango. The actor, writer and director also maintains an updated list of his movies on his official website, TylerPerry.com.

On IMDb, visitors can view a comprehensive list of Tyler Perry films. Alternatively, they can choose to view films that specifically credit him as a director, producer, writer or actor. The site also includes his television credits.

Fandango lists movies that feature Perry as an actor. Individuals can view short film clips and read a full synopsis. The site also provides fan ratings and movie reviews. On Amazon.com, visitors can view a list of movies and make purchases. The website supplies a list of sellers who currently offer each individual film.

TylerPerry.com maintains a list of his movies, plays, books and television shows. Using the filter options, visitors can choose to only view the films. The website also offers a virtual tour of Tyler Perry Studios and a link for available employment opportunities.

Tyler Perry began his entertainment career as a playwright, creating Christian-based productions. The popularity of his Madea character helped him make the transition from stage to the movie screen.

More than 20 movies credit Perry with some form of participation.