Where Can You Find a List of the Top 20 Newly Released DVDs?

Where Can You Find a List of the Top 20 Newly Released DVDs?

RottenTomatoes.com, IMDb.com, Amazon.com and Moviefone.com are some sites that list newly released and top DVDs. These websites also list upcoming DVD releases along with their ratings. The sites publish charts of top DVDs based on ratings, sales and rentals. Users can browse the lists based on date, week or month of release of the DVDs.

Rotten Tomatoes aggregates reviews of movies and TV shows by professional critics, and provides a comprehensive guide on their quality. It publishes various lists on DVDs, such as New On DVD, Upcoming DVDs and Top Rentals. The ratings of the DVDs in the form of percentages indicate how good or poor the film or TV show is.

A movie database, IMDb.com publishes the top DVD rentals on a weekly basis, which also includes newly released DVDs. It also publishes other movie news, including reviews, trailers, celebrity news and show times.

Amazon.com publishes a list of top 100 newly released DVDs, which is updated on an hourly basis. It also publishes lists of top 100 DVD best sellers, top 100 top-rated DVDs and top 100 most-wished-for DVDs.

Moviefone lists all newly released DVDs. Users can browse the list based on release date, month of release, genres, average critic rating and popularity.