Where Can I Find a List of Rock Band Names?


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There are several lists of rock band names online, including at the IGN and Rolling Stone websites. While the former lists their selection of the 10 best band names, the latter lists their choice of the 13 worst.

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The band names chosen as the best and worst by IGN and Rolling Stone do not necessarily reflect the quality of each band's music. As the introduction to the IGN list points out, many of the best rock bands have terrible names and many mediocre bands are outshone by the strength of their names. Some of the bands featured as the best include "Y'All So Stupid" and "Pigmy Love Circus." Among Rolling Stone's selection of the worst are "Panic! At the Disco," for its clunky punctuation, and "Hoobastank," for its unpleasant suggestion of vulgarity. "The Devil Wears Prada" was also criticized for being based on a book that had huge mainstream popularity at the time.

Another list of band names can be found at the Maxim website. These are original suggestions offered by Maxim for bands to use. They include references to existing acts, such as "Blue Floyd," "Nirvana Redux" and "Foo," and references to popular culture, such as "Gunther, from Friends," "Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kittens" and "What Was The Name of That Guy From Cocktail? Not Tom Cruise...the Other One."

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