Where Can You Find a List of Movies Currently in Theaters?

Where Can You Find a List of Movies Currently in Theaters?


The New Movie Releases section of Movies.com maintains an updated list of all films currently in theaters, and the site also boasts the ability to search local theaters for posted schedules and other information. The website functions as a hub for theater information and as a portal to purchase tickets over the Internet.

Most theaters post schedules on their voicemail or answering services, but Movies.com lets theater-goers search schedules without having to call in. It, and sites like it, make it easier to plan an expedition to the movies and make it simple to keep track of new releases as the season progresses.

The site also provides access to lists of showtimes linked to theaters. Theaters are searchable by their names, the names of the towns in which they are located and by the area codes of those towns and municipal areas. Times can be filtered with various days in mind in order to facilitate advance planning.

Sites like Rotten Tomatoes offer not just lists of films currently playing in theaters, but box office numbers and review tallies for those same films. This allows moviegoers to make decisions after informing themselves about critical consensus and about a film's performance, both financially and in terms of acclaim and approval.