Where Can You Find a List of Local Libraries?

Where Can You Find a List of Local Libraries?

PublicLibraries.com and the Institute of Museum and Library Services provide a list of public libraries in the United States, while Lib-Web.org offers a searchable directory of public libraries around the world. Worldcat.org allows online users to search for different types of media and the closest library that offers a searched item.

PublicLibraries.com allows online users to search a public library by state. On the site's homepage, online users can click the name of the state to view all the available public libraries in each city within the state. The list also includes a link to the library's official website, address, ZIP code and contact information.

The IMLS Data Catalog contains a massive listing of all the public libraries surveyed in the United States up to 2013. The list may be sorted by state, FSCS ID, library ID and library name. Like PublicLibraries.com, the IMLS Data Catalog also includes the libraries' physical and mailing address and contact information.

Lib-Web.org is a popular online database that includes listings of public libraries in over 140 countries, including countries from all continents. The site is updated regularly and also includes links to national, academic and regional libraries in the United States.

Though more popular for searching books, videos, music and articles, Worldcat.org also allows online users to search for public libraries within a city or state. The site lists the type of the library, the address and the link to the library's online catalog.