Where Can You Find a List of Italian Words?


Lists of Italian words are available on 101Languages.net, LearnALanguage.com and ItalianPod101.com. These sites are free services that have extensive lists of Italian words, along with their English translations.

101 Languages offers a master list of the most commonly spoken 1,000 Italian words. The page can display up to words 100 per page, and each entry includes an audio clip of the word and the English translation. A users can copy the list to his computer's clipboard for easy copy and pasting, or print the list directly from the website. Other resources, such as pronunciation guides, dialects and other word lists, are also available on the site.

LearnALanguage.com has words and phrases divided into specific common groups, such as kitchen or car words. Each list is organized into a simple chart with English translations. The site hosts some simple games that help users learn the language through interactive lessons and activities, and also has a page dedicated to culture for context.

ItalianPod101.com has numerous free features, such as word lists, an alphabet and a dictionary, but also has some paid features, including mobile apps, larger lists and acess to podcasts. The highest level of subscription has guided learning resources that give users more structure while learning the language.