How Can You Find a List of Famous People's Birthdays?

How Can You Find a List of Famous People's Birthdays? is one of the quickest and easiest resources for finding lists of famous people, particularly celebrities and pop culture icons, who were born on any particular day of the year. is another resource to use that focuses on historical figures.

Depending on the format you are searching for, there are a number of websites that can assist in finding lists of famous birthdays. and tend to go by date. At either of these websites, you can select a day of the year to access a list of famous people born on that date, including the year they were born, how old they are turning and what makes them famous. tends to focus much more on famous actors, actresses and other modern-day pop culture personalities, while places more focus on inventors, historians, philanthropists and other innovators who somehow changed the course of history. also lists people's birthdays with a photo gallery so that if someone does not recognize the name listed, they may instead recognize the person's face.

On, you also have the option of seeing more or fewer listings within the gallery. often does not provide pictures of the historical figures, and it often just displays names and dates in a list format.