Where Can You Find a List of Artists' Names and Their Matching Signatures?

Where Can You Find a List of Artists' Names and Their Matching Signatures?

ArtistsSignatures.com offers an extensive online database of artists with their corresponding signatures. Access to the database is obtained through either a monthly membership or purchased credits.

ArtistsSignatures.com features an impressive number of signatures available to users in either browse or search functions. As of 2015, membership for individuals starts at $9.95 for a monthly subscription that grants users 200 credits which expire monthly. Alternatively, users may purchase 400 lifetime credits that do not expire for $49.95. The website also offers a number of other art-related services such as signature verification, appraisal and auction consulting.

IdentifyArtistSignatures.com offers a free version of this service for artists in the 20th Century. However, as the database only includes 20th-Century artists, the results are much more limited than with ArtistsSignatures.com. The more focused field of data, however, could be beneficial if users are browsing for a known 20th-century artist to match or decipher a particular signature.

For artists outside of the 20th Century, ArtSignatureDictionary.com offers perhaps the most comprehensive database of artist signatures free of charge. Similar to the other websites, this database offers both search and browse functionality.

Another useful function of ArtSignatureDictionary.com is the inclusion of forged signature by various artists. On each artist's page, users can browse between verified signatures as well as notable forgeries. However, while thumbnails of the forged signatures are available to all users, full versions of these images are only available to premium access users, which requires a paid subscription to the service ranging in price from €6.95 for one-week access to €139.95 for a full year.