Where Can You Legally Watch Movies for Free?


Hulu.com, YouTube.com and OpenCulture.com offer free movies legally for anyone to watch. Hulu.com and OpenCulutre.com offer a variety of films ranging from classics to contemporary, while YouTube.com primarily offers relatively unknown small-budget pictures and public domain movies, as of 2015.

Hulu.com has a partnership with the Criterion Collection and sometimes offers picks from the collection for free viewing. OpenCulture.com provides 700 films from various genres including film noir, Westerns and animation. It also has a special collection of movies from famed directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Andrei Tarkovsky and Charlie Chaplin. Some of the more popular free movies on YouTube.com include "Love Ain't Supposed To Hurt," "The Makeover," "The Last Monk," and "Life In A Day," the last of which has over 10 million views.