How Can You Legally Watch Live Television for Free?


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There are two main ways of watching live television online for free: streaming through a network's live stream page and streaming through a third-party provider. Both of these options provide viewers a chance to stream live television from the Internet.

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How Can You Legally Watch Live Television for Free?
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Most networks provide a way to stream videos live from their websites. The live stream option gives everyone a chance to stream videos live form the Internet with no need for a television set. The only thing required is a computer and a fast Internet connection. However, this is only possible for viewers in specific geographic locations. For example, the ABC website provides viewers with a place to fill in their locations to make sure they are able to use the live stream feature. This means that viewers form other continents are probably not able to watch ABC live on the Internet.

The second way in which live television can be watched for free over the Internet is through third-party providers such as Streema and Hulu. Such platforms contain a host of live television stations that users can access free of charge online as long as they have a fast Internet connection. Streema provides stations such as BBC, Gazi TV and Al Jazeera TV, according to the website.

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