How Can You Legally Watch a Harry Potter Movie for Free?

As of 2016, the entire “Harry Potter” film series is unavailable for free online viewing legally. and provide the films for legal streaming by either purchasing or renting them digitally. Both services offer the films individually and in a bundle for savings. also provides the films for legal digital streaming and allows users to purchase them on DVD and Blu-ray. All three services allow users the option to viewing streams on various devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Some websites might claim to offer these films for free either for streaming or downloading. These websites are illegal and are regularly patrolled by government agencies, states Getting caught visiting these illegal websites is risky and might lead to receiving a fine. Websites that do legally provide free movies tend to show commercials from paid sponsors, which allow them to provide the films for free.

The “Harry Potter” film series consists of eight films based on the novels written by J.K. Rowling. The films follow the fictional life story of Harry Potter, an orphan boy who discovers he is a wizard. Potter later joins a wizard academy to learn about magic and finds himself in various adventures. All of the films became major box office successes and earned a combined grossing of over $7.7 billion worldwide.