How Can You Legally Watch "Ghost Hunters" Online?

As of 2015, no streaming sites offer free full episodes of "Ghost Hunters." The seasons can be purchased from places like Amazon, while several streaming sites offer similar shows relating to the paranormal.

Since "Ghost Hunters" airs on the Syfy channel, Syfy posts clips and episode summaries for each season on its website. Clips are only available for later seasons, though episode summaries are available for all seasons.

Although "Ghost Hunters" is not available to stream, a DVD collection of "Ghost Hunters International" is available via Netflix's DVD service. "Ghost Hunters International" is similar to the original "Ghost Hunters," which follows the Atlanta Paranormal Society as it travels to haunted locations to discredit paranormal activity. In the "International" installment, however, the team travels to various locations in Europe, New Zealand and South Africa.

While not free, Amazon Instant Video features seasons 11 through 14 of "Ghost Adventures" for $2 per episode or $20 per season. Originally airing on the Travel Channel, host Zak Bagans and his small crew investigate various paranormal locations throughout the U. S. The major difference between this show and "Ghost Hunters" lies in the goals of the group. The "Ghost Hunters" team strives to disprove hauntings and paranormal activity, while the "Ghost Adventures" team tries to prove them.