Where Can You Find Lee Child's Novels?

Where Can You Find Lee Child's Novels?

A comprehensive list of Lee Child's novels is available at his official website; links to purchase his books are listed at the Lee Child Worldwide website. Lee Child is known for his recurring protagonist, Jack Reacher. This character is described as an intelligent former military police officer and drifting vigilante.

Jack Reacher is introduced in "Killing Floor," which sees him arrested for murder following his arrival in Margrave, Georgia.

Lee Child's other Jack Reacher novels, as of early 2015, are as follows:

  • "Die Trying"
  • "Tripwire"
  • "The Visitor"
  • "Running Blind"
  • "Echo Burning"
  • "Without Fail"
  • "Persuader"
  • "The Enemy"
  • "One Shot"
  • "The Hard Way"
  • "Bad Luck and Trouble"
  • "Nothing to Lose"
  • "Gone Tomorrow"
  • "61 Hours"
  • "Worth Dying For"
  • "The Affair"
  • "A Wanted Man"
  • "Never Go Back"
  • "Personal"

In "Personal," Jack Reacher teams up with a rookie CIA officer named Casey Nice in order to thwart an attempt to assassinate world leaders at a G-8 conference. His character in this novel takes on the role of teacher to his new sidekick, imparting details about weaponry, security and hand-to-hand combat.

Some of Child's earlier novels were grouped together into self-contained story arcs, such as "61 Hours," "Worth Dying For," "A Wanted Man" and "Never Go Back," with "The Affair" acting as a kind of intermission.

"The Enemy" is somewhat unique as it is a prequel to the first Jack Reacher novel. Set in 1990, the protagonist is still serving in the military police.