Where Can You Learn to Write a Fiction Story Online?


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Examples of online resources that explain how to write fiction stories include About.com, WikiHow.com and Creative-Writing-Now.com. These websites outline and describe various rules and tips for writing fiction stories.

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The key elements in writing a fiction story are the characters, plot, theme and point of view. When it comes to characters, it is important to create characters that the readers are going to care about. Fictional characters are often inspired by people seen in public places and people in magazine photos. To create a character based on a stranger, imagine a life for that person; give him a name, personality, dreams, fears and habits. Another way to come up with characters is to look at names in the phone book and try to imagine the type of person that has that name.

After the characters are created, they need a plot to drive them into action. Set clear and important stakes for the characters that involve the things the characters desire and are afraid of. Narrative conflict is usually how a story progresses from point to point. This can take the shape of a character's conflict with himself, conflict with another character or a conflict with an impersonal force such as natural disasters or dragon attacks.

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