How Can You Learn to Play Gospel Music?


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One way to learn to play gospel music is to access videos online at YouTube.com. For example, videos exist in which teachers guide the users in playing gospel on the piano in all 12 keys. Additionally, tutorials on playing gospel by ear are available.

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How Can You Learn to Play Gospel Music?
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Another online resource for learning to play gospel is EvangelisticPiano.com. The website provides free lessons for the church pianist to learn to play. The website assumes users have the ability to read music and includes lessons on major, minor, diminished and augmented chords, how to make 7th chords and an introduction to octaves. The website also includes instructions on using the pedal and reading hymnals, as well as playing runs and fills in music.

One more online resource for learning gospel music is LearnGospelMusic.com. This site is a community forum, made up of church musicians and singers who come together to learn and teach each other in a supportive environment.

Another option for learning to play gospel on the piano is purchasing a DVD for home instruction. One example is "Learn to Play Gospel Piano." This course is presented by a gospel musician form West Virginia, and is geared toward novice and intermediate players. The two-DVD set includes music, and teaches melody, harmony notes, runs, turn-arounds and left-handed bass lines.

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