How Can You Learn to Draw a Male Anime Character?

How Can You Learn to Draw a Male Anime Character?

There are free online resources, such as Idiot's Guides, and, that provide tutorials on how to draw male anime characters. Some of the tutorials focus on drawing the entire male physique, and others focus on distinguishing aspects, such as heads and facial features.

There are online excerpts from the "Idiot's Guide" series on drawing manga. Although in Japan manga refers to all comics and anime to animated films and television shows, manga and anime drawing techniques have many similar traits, as do the characters that manga and anime artists create.

Consequently, the "Idiot's Guide" series on drawing manga offers elementary, general techniques on how to draw basic male body shapes and the male face, such as using a grid or stick figures and circles. The online series corresponds to print titles, which are additional sources of instruction. The titles include "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing Manga Illustrated" and "Idiot's Guides: Drawing Manga." Both are available on as of 2015.

Julia Gordon is an anime and manga enthusiast and a drawer who posts her own original tutorials on Her lesson on drawing anime male bodies includes a breakdown of the grid and head system for "graphing" physiques.

Similarly, on, Manga University offers technical advice on using the head system to gauge characteristics of height and male proportions. Manga University is the educational imprint of Japanime Company Ltd.