How Can You Get Large-Print Books for Free?


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Use a comprehensive guide such as "The Complete Directory of Large Print Books and Serials" by R.R. Bowker to locate large-print titles at the local public library. This directory is published annually and lists tens of thousands of titles as of 2016. Books are available for free reading and lending at most libraries.

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Several online services and charitable organizations, such as the Baldwin Online Children's Project, MagicKeys.com, ChildrensLibrary.org (International Children's Digital Library), Online-Literature.com and ChildrensBooksOnline.org, offer libraries of free online books. These are often digital and audio reproductions of paper publications. Internet browsers adjust the font size and zoom of digital content displayed on the screen. As a result, these books are fully customizable to match any desired large-print specification.

On MagicKeys.com, select the Children's Storybooks Online tab. Select the desired book from the list to open the book in the browser. Use the navigation arrows to move forward and backward through the pages. As with many other sites that present on-screen text, use the Internet browser to adjust the font to the desired size. Using Internet Explorer on a PC, hold the CTRL key, and press the Plus or Minus keys to increase or decrease the print and image sizes. Using a Mac, hold the Command key, and press the Plus or Minus keys.

ChildrensLibrary.org features a built-in zoom feature as of 2016. Click the Read Books option under the Library tab. Select the desired category and book title. When the book is displayed, use the Plus and Minus buttons on the top of the screen to adjust the font and image sizes of the book.

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