Where Can You Find Free Kidz Bop Music?


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Kidz Bop music is not available to own for free. However, the Kidz Bop website offers free streaming samples of its music. Some music subscription services and libraries offer free access to Kidz Bop music.

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Kidz Bop music albums are generally only available for purchase, and generally are not made available for free. However, public libraries may include Kidz Bop albums in their music sections and offer them as free rentals.

In addition, some music subscription services include Kidz Bop music in their collections; these do not allow members to permanently keep copies of the music, but provide free access to the music for as long as one is a member. This music is usually accessed through Internet streaming. Music subscription services may require a membership fee, so this may not be considered "free" unless a person already has a subscription. However, many music subscription services offer free trial periods.

Many people have an Amazon Prime membership for shopping purposes and do not realize that the membership offers free streaming music access as well. Prime Music, a music streaming service, is included in Amazon Prime's suite of services. Currently, Amazon Prime Music offers access to 24 full Kidz Bop albums. Spotify also offers KidzBop music as part of its library; it even has a dedicated "Kidz Bop BoomBox" app.

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