Where Can You Get Your Jukebox Repaired?

Jukebox owners can obtain repairs through businesses including Perry's Jukebox & Pinball Repair Company in New York City and Jukebox Repair Service, which serves Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Florida. Machine owners can contact the companies through their websites, PinballJukeboxRepair.com and JukeboxRepairService.com. Both companies make on-site service calls.

Perry's Jukebox & Pinball Repair, with more than 30 years of experience, makes service calls in New York and New Jersey as of 2015. It carries a large parts inventory for jukeboxes such as Bally, Rock-Ola, Seeburg and Wurlitzer. A retired professional jukebox repair technician operates Jukebox Repair Service, which offers on-location diagnosis and repairs seven days a week by appointment within a 200-mile radius.