How Can You View Johanna Lindsey's Malory-Anderson Family Tree?


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You can view the family tree for Johanna Lindsey's Malory-Anderson Family Saga series through Wikimedia Commons. As of 2015, there are two available images for the Malory family tree, both including only characters until the ninth book, "No Choice But Seduction," published in 2008. Of the two Commons file images, the family tree dated September 9, 2008 provides a more accurate timeline and clearly shows relationships between characters. The images can be zoomed in or out for easier reading.

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The Malory family tree begins with Christopher Malory, first Marquis of Haverston, who married a gypsy, Anastasia Stephanoff; however, their love story is recounted as a flashback in the sixth book, "The Present." The images for the Malory family tree also show family members' years of birth and the novels in which they are the major characters. The more accurate family tree goes as far as noting whether two characters were married or had an affair.

Johanna Lindsey's saga about the Malory family, which is categorized as a Regency saga, comprise her most popular and best-selling books as of 2015. The Malory family tree makes it easier for readers to understand the connection between characters and to follow the storyline for the entire series, as some family members appear as secondary characters in other novels.

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