How Can I Get My JAMB Registration Number?

To retrieve a JAMB registration number, visit the JAMB website and follow the retrieval process on the home page. It is important to have a JAMB serial and PIN number on hand during retrieval. If necessary, it is also possible to recover PIN and serial numbers.

  1. Locate the JAMB PIN and serial number

    If possible, find the receipt and scratch card for the JAMB account. These feature the PIN number and serial number. If they are not available, visit the JAMB website to recover the PIN number using first name and surname and date of birth. JAMB also sends an email receipt.

  2. Use the PIN

    Visit the JAMB website and, from the home page, select "Retrieval of Registration Number" under the applicable year and school. Provide the PIN number, serial number, first name, surname, date of birth and state of origin to recover the registration number.

  3. Contact JAMB

    If the recovery process did not work then it might be necessary to contact JAMB or visit an approved registration center. JAMB accepts phone calls at each of their local branches and general emails at Consider bringing any important details such as a passport, biometric data used to confirm the account, PIN number and serial number along when calling or visiting a branch for help.