Where Can You Find Issues of "TCM Now Playing" Magazine?

The best way to get current issues of "TCM Now Playing" is to buy a subscription online from the Turner Classic Movies website. For back issues from recent years, there are several options available for purchase on eBay. In some cases, back issues are available in a local library.

The Turner Classic Movie website has a subscription page for its popular "TCM Now Playing" magazine. The site does not offer an online archive, but new customers start receiving current issues in eight to 10 weeks. The website offers consumers a sneak peek of its upcoming issue, complete with cover and editorial topics. For customer convenience, it also posts TV schedules for the current week.

Tracking down older issues of the magazine is slightly more difficult. The Turner Classic Movies website offers contact information regarding its subscriptions, including a form with a space for questions. Many enthusiasts sell collector's issues from the past 10 years, ranging from $0.99 to $5.00. The most common editions for sale are those that feature a particular star, including Gene Tierney, Kirk Douglas and Humphrey Bogart. Alternatively, library patrons are able to check out past issues of "TCM Now Playing" at their local public library.