How Can You Get Help Interpreting Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 ?


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Get help interpreting Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 at Shakespeares-Sonnets.com and Shakespeare-Online.com. Alternatively, visit the study guide sites Shmoop.com, Cliffsnotes.com and SparkNotes.com for summaries and interpretation notes of the sonnet.

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Shakespeares-Sonnets.com and Shakespeare-Online.com are literature sites dedicated to analyzing the work of William Shakespeare. Both provide the full text of the sonnets, commentary, analysis and explanations of difficult vocabulary. Shakespeares-Sonnets.com focuses only on Shakespeare's sonnets to the exclusion of his plays but also features sonnets by other Elizabethan poets such as Edmund Spenser, Michael Drayton and Sir Philip Sidney. Shakespeare-Online.com includes Shakespeare's other works and extensive background information on his life and times, providing a context for interpreting his works. Theme, motif and trope analysis across literary pieces is also available.

The Sonnet 116 page on Shakespeares-Sonnets.com includes two versions of the sonnet, the first one is the more commonly seen version using modern spelling, while the second one is the 1609 quarto version that uses archaic spelling. A general analysis and a line-by-line commentary accompanies the full texts. The Sonnet 116 page on Shakespeares-Online.com has the full text, a line-by-line paraphrase, notes on specific lines and vocabulary, and a general analysis.

Shmoop.com, Cliffsnotes.com and SparkNotes.com are general study guide sites that offer homework help notes, test preparation materials and study guides on various academic subjects ranging from science and math to literature, the social sciences and foreign languages. The Sonnet 116 pages on these study guide sites offer both summary and analysis, but none includes the full text of the sonnet. Of the three, Shmoop.com has the most detailed analysis with several pages of line-by-line interpretation.

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