Where Can You Find Information About the Williams Brothers?


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Oldies.com and the All Music website both have biographies with general information about the Williams brothers. The biographies include information about songs and albums released by the Williams brothers, as well as information about their upbringing and family life. Similarly, there is an autobiographical book about the group entitled "Still Standing Tall: The Story of Gospel Music's Williams Brothers.

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The Williams Brothers were a gospel group out of Mississippi who were previously named the Little Williams Brothers and the Sensational Williams Brothers. The group was founded in 1960 by Leonard "Pop" Williams, but the most recent lineup of the group consisted of Melvin Williams, Doug Williams, Henry Green and the group's backup band of musicians. The popular gospel group recorded their first album in 1973 and have since recorded 18 top songs. Their most recent album was named "Still Standing" and was released in 1997. The group not only writes and performs music, but they also started their own record label named "Blackberry Records."

Because the group grew out of southern gospel music, their songs tend to have Christianity-based lyrics and motifs with names like "Jesus Will Say No" and "Jesus Will Fix It". The most reliable information about the group's works, thoughts, dynamics and experiences can be found in their autobiography.

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